Write or Wrong

The right place to write 'bout what's right and what's wrong. If you read and then comment I'll sing you a song. And if you believe the last line that I wrote, Than I'm Dr. Seuss in a silly blog post. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2004

To write or not to write

That is the question.

Welcome to The Write Place. Contrary to the first impression you got this blog's description, I'm usually a serious, funny, thoughtful, intellectual, introspective person. My silly side appears late at night---hence the reason for these antics and the very reason why this blog was created.
I didn't mean for it it happen. I just had one to many late nights, not much sleep, and the next thing I know I'm half awake wearing pajamas at the computer and voila! a new blog was created.

But now that it is here, I'm not going to give it up or terminate it. Blog creations happen when your inhibitions are down and your sleep is deprived. I mean, who actually will read this? Maybe others out there who, like me, are serious-minded by day and silly-minded (correction: sleep deprived) by night will stumble upon this and glean the insomniacs truth: We are not alone.

Good night (correction: morning) and God Bless!